Content Guidelines




We reserve the right to remove any content contributed to this website by members, travellers or any other user of the website (each a 'user') which does not meet the following guidelines. 





When creating and/or managing your listing, ensure that content is:


Prohibited content includes:


Photo Content

We recommend including photos of your kitchen, living and dining areas, bedrooms and garden, plus other areas in and around your property that you would like to promote.

All photos should be free from clutter, people, pets, text, URLs, watermarks and logos.


Photos will be removed if they:



Review Guidelines

Reviews and responses:


Traveller reviews and owner responses are the subjective opinions of the travellers and owners who posted the content.  They are not our opinions and are not endorsed by us. We do not have any obligation to investigate the truthfulness or accuracy of reviews or responses. HomeAway Singapore reserves the right not to publish or to remove a review which is the subject of a legal action or dispute. 


If you see a review or response that does not conform to the above guidelines, please contact Customer Support. We will investigate reported abuse and immediately remove reviews or responses that we find are in violation of our guidelines.