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Is a Vacation Rental Property in Japan Right for you?
To holiday in Japan, is to experience the collision of two worlds. The high-tech futuristic, fashionable and cultural phenomenon that is Tokyo intermixed with the more traditional religious and cultural heritage that gives the Japanese people their unique standing in the world. You are sure to enjoy a great trip, just make sure to book your vacation rental close to the action!

Where to Stay on your Vacation to Japan?
With well over 1000 vacation rental listings across Japan, you are sure to find a holiday home or apartment to suit your vacation needs. From the bright lights of Tokyo and Yokohama, to the borderline Zen-like cultural and religious attractions of Kyoto and Osaka, holidaying in Japan offers up a variety of options to suit even the pickiest of travelers.

Transport in Japan
Travelling around Japan is extremely easy, efficient and safe. With many cities offering day passes for unlimited public transport, and an extensive bus, tram, and subway system across the major cities, a Japanese vacation is unlikely to be a stressful one. Otherwise visitors can opt for one of Japan’s taxis for travel outside of public transport routes; they are freely available, reasonably priced, and well maintained.

What to See on Your Holiday to Japan?
In a country where modernization and ancient traditions have been fighting a constant battle for the nation’s hearts and minds, there is little wonder that Japan offers a variety of sightseeing opportunities. From the castles of Himeji towering above the adjacent skyline, to the temples of Kyoto, Japan’s rich history and ancient traditions are to be found everywhere. As are the visitors during the cherry blossom season (Hanami), where Akihabara attracts visitors from all over the Globe.

Things to Do on a Holiday to Japan
Few countries can offer visitors the sheer selection of things to do quite like Japan. From skiing in Sapporo, to scuba diving in Ishigaki, snorkelling in Okinawa, shopping in Tokyo, and playing golf in Miyakojima, a vacation in Japan is sure to cater for near enough every travelers’ tastes. Whilst the more culturally inclined can head to Nanto to experience Japan’s anime culture, the MOA Museum of Art in Atami, and the Takayama Festival.

Natural Attractions in Japan
Japan is overflowing with natural beauty, and there is little wonder why so many Japanese tourists prefer to explore all that their nation has to offer in the form of staycations. In Hakone, visitors will find the relaxing pools of the hot springs (Onsen) that surround the monumental figure of Mount Fuji. Kagoshima, meanwhile, is home to the towering Sakurajima volcano. Just make sure to leave time to visit “Rabbit Island” or Okunoshima, where the rabbits have truly taken over!

What (and Where) to Eat in Japan?
If Japan is known for one thing, it is probably sushi. Loved around the world, this staple of Japanese culinary life takes many forms, flavours and textures. If you are searching for the best sushi in the world, it is most certainly to be found in its spiritual home. However, if you like you fish to go with a little bit of danger, tuck into Fugu. The infamous poisonous pufferfish dish that takes years of training to prepare, and a steady nerve to eat.

Family Vacations to Japan?
If you are looking to engage your child’s imagination, then nothing will excite and stimulate children quite like the castles that are dotted across Japan’s landscape. From the symbolic tower of Kumamoto Castle, and the guard towers of Hiroshima Castle, to the palaces of Nijo Castle, let your children’s imagination run wild. Then follow the way of the Samurai, and the Ninja trick maze, at the Samurai-themed Nikko Endomura theme park (Edo Wonderland) in Nikko City.